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(LSPC --  in reverse chronological order)





August 10, 2017
Louisiana Voice post-meeting article leading to the resignation of Chairman T. J. Doss within hours.

Sound Off Louisiana post questioning if Gov. Edwards is stonewalling by proxy via T. Taylor Townsend an investigative report.

Louisiana Voice post entailing Monica Manzella's appointment and a flurry of hostile comments by and between active and retired LSP Troopers.

Louisiana Voice post of Monica Manzella's resignation.




July 13, 2017
Sound Off Louisiana's feature of Lee Zurik (Fox8) blindsiding Calvin Braxton on alleged ticket fixing to include his daughter's arrest for DWI.

Sound Off Louisiana's feature covering the Zurik feature to include Sound Off video footage.

Louisiana Voice feature indicating that, if Braxton must go, so too should Riecke.
[Note:  Click Here for the feature by which Riecke's removal would be deemed justifiable.]




June 8, 2017



May 9, 2017
Louisiana Voice Post-Meeting Article





April 23, 2017
First Louisiana Voice Post-Meeting Article
Advocate Post-Meeting Article
Second Louisiana Voice Post-Meeting Article




March 9, 2017
Louisiana Voice Pre-Meeting Article
(Companion Advocate Article)
Louisiana Voice FIRST Post-Meeting Article
Louisiana Voice SECOND Post-Meeting Article
The Advocate Post-Meeting Article on Commissioner Breaux's Resignation.




February 22, 2017
(Special Meeting to Narrow Field of Candidates
to Replace Former Executive Director Cathy Derbonne --
Jason Hannaman was ultimately selected).






February 20, 2017 Meeting Highlights
[Meeting essentially collapsed due to questions entailing whether
Member Grafton's resignation was official or not.  To see him provide his VERBAL
resignation along with other highlights of the 2/9/17 meeting,




February 9, 2017
Louisiana Voice Pre-Meeting Article

The Advocate Article of the Meeting
Louisiana Voice Article of the Meeting




January 12, 2017
Louisiana Voice Pre-Meeting Preview Article 1
Louisiana Voice Pre-Meeting Preview Article 2
Louisiana Voice Article of the Meeting
The Advocate Article of the Meeting
WAFB (Channel 9) Coverage of the Meeting