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September 3, 2014


LSP retirees issue an email blast relaying that the LSPRB has indicated that the previously-mandated "rules" for public comment were merely "suggestions."  As noted by Robert Burns in sticky-notes beside several of the rules, they sure don't sound like "suggestions."  Accordingly, nobody's quite sure what the ground rules for public comment will be for the much-anticipated September 4, 2014 LSPRB meeting.


C. B. Forgotston, former Louisiana Legislature lobbyist, makes the following assessment of how he believes the vote will go:


Seven of the board members, as well as the Executive Director Irwin Felps and his assistant Kimberly Gann have refused ALL communications from me. Thatís always a bad sign when lobbying.

-- Edmonsonís 6 subordinates will vote against litigation. If they vote for litigation, they will not be promoted for the next year and a half. Nor will they receive pay raises from an unconstitutional tax passed by Edmonson during the 2014 Regular Session
-- Bobby Jindalís minion and board member, Kristy Nichols, will vote against litigating because litigation will implicate her boss in the taxpayer rip-off.
-- State Senator Elbert Guillory who owes his position as chair of the Senate Retirement Committee to Jindal will do exactly has he is told by Jindal (see above). Guillory has responded, but has been non-committal, thus if he shows up for the meeting (doubtful), I have him down as against litigation.
-- State Representative Kevin Pearson has been responsive, but has yet to make a public announcement of where he stands on litigating SB 294. I have him down as leaning towards litigating.
-- State Treasurer John Kennedy has made it very clear where he stands on litigating SB 294. He is and has been leading the effort to litigate SB 294 since the Edmonson Amendment was discovered by Tom Aswell. I have him down as definitely for litigating.
Therefore, the vote as of today is 1 for, 1 leaning for and 8 against litigating.
Weíll soon know whether the board gives a damn about the active Troopers, retirees and their widows or is this just a meeting to make sure Edmonson gets his extra $55,000 a year in retirement benefits for the rest of his life.

If you want to help stop the taxpayer rip-off contact the board members: ifelps@lsprs.org, frank.besson@dps.la.gov, kevin.marcel@dps.la.gov , mike.edmonson@dps.la.gov, charlie.dupuy@dps.la.gov, guillorye @legis.la.gov, jkennedy@treasury.state.la.us, Amathews@treasury.state.la.us, slafargue1214 @gmail.com, kristy.nichols@la.gov, andrea.hubbard@la.gov, thurman.miller@la.gov, pearsonk@legis.la.gov, bobby.smith@dps.la.gov


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