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July 24, 2014



State Treasurer John Kennedy sends this letter to LSP Executive Director Irwin Felps, Jr. outlining exactly what all he wants covered and investigated regarding the whole incident.  The letter is copied to each Board Member as well as Board Members for the Teachers Retirement System, the Louisiana State Employees Retirement System, and the Louisiana School Employees retirement system.


A special investigative report regarding this scandal airs on Fox 8 Investigates in New Orleans.  The investigative report, aired by Fox 8's Lee Zurik, reports that sources identify State Sen. Neil Riser (R-Columbia) to be the conference committee member who inserted the amendment into the bill.




July 25, 2014


Apparently feeling the relentless pressure, Col. Edmonson makes a public statement that he "will not accept" the increased benefit.  Nevertheless, a law remains on the books whereby he (or the other impacted trooper) can readily change his mind.  Hence, the next LSPRB meeting should be interesting to see if the LSPRB will vote to pursue a declaratory judgment in 19th JDC seeking to have the legislation declared unconstitutional and thus resolve the issue once and for all and leave no room for a "change of heart" as Col. Edmonson draws much closer to his planned retirement.




July 28, 2014


Sensing the same concern expressed under the 7/25/14 caption above (that Edmonson may change his mind), Fox 8 in New Orleans does another investigative report with Fox 8's Lee Zurik conducting extensive interviews with C. B. Forgotston as well as (via phone) State Treasurer John Kennedy. 


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