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August 12, 2014


Tom Aswell publishes this blog post strongly hinting that The Advocate may be inclined to play soft-ball with the Edmonson Amendment due to the fact that its new owner, John Georges (candidate for Governor in 2007), has extensive gaming interests over which Edmonson has regulatory authority.  Perhaps this explains why no member of the Baton Rouge Press Club (heavily dominated by Advocate reporters) was willing to ask John Bel Edwards about the controversy (July 21, 2014 entry in Act III of this sordid corruption play).  Accordingly, Louisiana Voice reporter Robert Burns had to ask the question, and he did so in the waning moments of the address when it became obvious no other reporter was going to do so, a fact which astounded Burns at the time.  Also, Edwards expressed "thanks" for the question, so quite likely he too was perplexed as to why no Advocate member would pose the question.


Aswell also exposes the fact that Senate President John Alario isn't likely to conduct an investigation into the Edmonson amendment since Dionne Alario, Sen. Alario's daughter-in-law, was hired in November of 2013 with the DPS at a salary of $56,300 annually.  Aswell stresses that she was able to "pull off the unlikely logistics of supervising Baton Rouge employees from her home in Westwego."


August 13, 2014


C. B. Forgotston distributes this blog entry emphasizing that LSPRB's Executive Director, Irwin Felps, is refusing to provide the legal report received the previous day to John Kennedy, Louisiana's Treasurer Secretary, prompting Kennedy to issue this formal FOIA request for the document.


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