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August 21, 2014


In Act VI of this sordid scandalous play, Tom Aswell drew attention to rank cronyism within the LSP upper brass.  Thereafter, in  Act VII, Aswell provided yet more cronyism pertaining to Edmonson hiring Louisiana Senate President John Alario (R-Westwego)'s daughter-in-law, who, quoting Aswell:


"was able to pull off the unlikely logistics of supervising Baton Rouge employees from her home in Westwego."


Today, C. B. Forgotston introduces all to the "LSP 49-5 club."


C. B. Forgotston exposes the "LSP 49-5 Club."



Also late on August 21, 2014, C. B. provided a blast of a television investigative report by Elsa Gillis of  KTBS Channel 3 in Shreveport's concerning Col. Edmonson's housing perks (along with other Louisiana State officials).  The report also emphasizes the SB-294 amendment flap.


C. B. also provided yet more internal scandal entailing the furnishing of Edmonson's living quarters.  The allegations of wrongdoing entail "Undersecretary and Dork Dynasty member" Jill Boudreaux.  Here's what C. B. reports:


Dork Dynasty Member (and LSP Undersecretary) Jill Boudreaux purchased Edmonson
household furnishings in violation of state purchasing laws.  Boudreaux approved the
 purchases which were not on the state contract.


August 24, 2014


Since we're on the subject of Ms. Boudreaux, let's jump slightly ahead on dates.  On 8/24, Tom Aswell reveals Edmonson isn't the first covert misuse of a retirement package.  Aswell revealed that, on April 23, 2010, Ms. Boudreaux issued a "layoff avoidance incentive" of 50% of one's annual salary being offered to encourage a few DPS retirements.  The incentive was available to the first 20 DPS employees to click on a link and complete the process.

The incentive, however, came with the caveat mandated by Louisiana Civil Service that no retire-rehire practice could be deployed.  Nevertheless, on April 29, 2010, Boudreaux created a "double incumbency" entailing herself by appointing someone to her position even before she retired in order to ensure a "smooth transition."  Civil Service rules, however, waive any requirement to report such "double incumbencies" if they won't last more than 30 days.  Boudreaux retired on 4/28/10, receiving approximately $59,000 ($46,000 salary incentive -- 50% of her then-$92,000/year salary -- and 300 hours of unused annual leave, or $13,000).

Two days later, on 4/30/10, Ms. Boudreaux was rehired at a higher-paying, unclassified position.  Angelé Davis, then-Commissioner of Administration, saw right through the whole sham and demanded repayment of the incentive.  No doubt sensing that a long-time association with Gov. Jindal's corruption would tarnish her own image, Ms. Davis resigned from her Commissioner of Administration position and accepted a job in private industry on the heels of the Boudreaux retire-rehire sham.  Meanwhile, Paul Rainwater assumed Davis' position, and the whole sham Boudreaux retire-rehire scandal faded into the sunset!  Four years later, Ms. Boudreaux continues to work for DPS at a salary of $118,600/year.


August 21, 2014 (revert back)


Also late on August 21, 2014 (it was a BUSY day), Tom Aswell exposed Col. Edmonson's malice toward LSP Trooper Jason LaMarca and Edmonson's fragile ego.  Highlights of Mr. Aswell's findings:


===> 2/6/10, 11-Year LSP Trooper Jason LaMarca (along with 3 other LSP troopers) stop flat-bed 18-wheeler on I-12 in Tangipahoa Parish driven by Alexjandro Soliz.

===> Truck was carrying several tons of cocaine.

===>  Soliz refused orders to "get down."  LaMarca then successfully maneuvered to get Soliz on the ground for arrest (all of which was recorded).

===>  No claims of excessive force were initiated, but U. S. District Judge Eldon Fallon viewed video (as part of a sentencing hearing for Soliz) and believed it showed LaMarca striking Soliz with a flashlight, after which the other troopers began laughing.  Fallon sent Col. Edmonson a letter, resulting in Edmonson appropriately calling for an investigation.

===>  [Sidebar:  LaMarca previously had a confrontation with Col. Edmonson's Chief of Staff, Charlie Dupuy, whom as Tom revealed in Act VI of this play, despite (like Edmonson) having little or no road experience as a trooper, has benefitted to the tune of a $122,000/year salary compliments of Edmonson.  Further, Dupuy sits on the LSPRB as Edmonson's representative.  Moreover, absent Act 859 (SB-294) of the 2014 Legislative Session, Dupuy will retire with a pension 54% higher than Edmonson's notwithstanding that Edmonson is solely responsible for Dupuy having such a lucrative salary and retirement benefit Bottom line:  whatever pleases Dupuy pleases Edmonson (and vice versa), and whatever angers Dupuy (as LaMarca clearly did), angers Edmonson.]

===> 11/18/10, Edmonson disciplines LaMarca with 12 hours without pay for "violating use of force policy, violating reporting use of force policy, and conduct unbecoming an officer."

===>  LaMarca, valuing his 11-year spotless record, successfully appealed to the LSP Commission, thereby resulting in the disciplinary infraction being expunged from his record.

===>  Edmonson, who clearly will "go to the wall for Dupuy," filed an appeal with the First Circuit Court of Appeal!

===>  5/2/12, First Circuit concurs with LSP Commission, resulting in Edmonson appealing to the LA Supreme Court, which refused to even consider the matter!


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