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August 8, 2014


Tom Aswell, who originally broke the scandal on 7/11/14, publishes this blog post documenting rank cronyism and nepotism within Edmonson's inner circle.  The table below summarizes Aswell's findings:


State Trooper Within Edmonson “Inner Circle”

Initial Rank and Salary Upon Edmond’s Swearing in as LSP Col. (same day as Jindal took office)

# of Promotions, Current Rank, Salary, % Increase

Jason Starnes, voiced disdain for LA Voice’s video coverage of 7/16/14 LSPRB meeting (see ACT II)

Sergeant, $59,800.

Two; Captain; $81,250; 36%.

Paul Edmonson (brother)

Sergeant, $63,500.

Two; Captain (position created); $93,000; 46%.

Charles Dupuy (LSPRB member)

Captain, $80,000

Two; Asst. Superintendent & Chief of Staff; $122,000; 53%.

Kelly Dupuy (Charles’ wife)

Sergeant, $59,800.

Two; Captain (position created); $80,500; 35%.





New LSP Theme Song in Light of Tom Aswell's Findings Above

LSP Retirees Animate the New LSP Theme Song Soon After It's Released


So, the pieces of the puzzle start to come together now!  If Dupuy votes to litigate (and thus effectively negate) Act 859, stunningly, Dupuy can retire with a pension of $122,000/year, which is 54% higher than Edmonson's pension, yet Edmonson, who ranked higher, is solely responsible for Dupuy obtaining the lucrative retirement benefit!  That doesn't even factor in the nice package bestowed upon Dupuy's wife (her own pension would actually slightly exceed Edmonson's absent Act 859).  Gee, it sure doesn't take a rocket scientist to see now why Starnes, Dupuy, and others would go to such great lengths to create "talking points" to keep the benefit boost in tact!!  The philosophy is simple:  our general bestowed fantastically lucrative retirement packages upon us, so we MUST return the favor to him and reverse his unfortunate decision to enter DROP in 2006.


Apparently feeling the heat from the LSP retiree letters, the relentless pressure from Aswell, Forgotston, and Burns and although apparently announced late in the day (a Friday) with minimal fanfare, the LSPRB set a meeting for September 4, 2014 (a Thursday) to discuss the SB-294 amendment.



August 9, 2014


Although apparently moot in light of the previous day's low-key announcement of a special meeting by the LSPRB set for Thursday, September 4, 2014 (which went unnoticed by Burns, Aswell, or Forgotston until Forgotston noted a blurb about it in Sunday, Aug. 10th's, Advocate), Robert Burns mailed this invitation to the five (5) members assessed as unwilling to consider challenging the constitutionality of Act 859.




August 10, 2014 (a Sunday!)



LSPRB releases agenda for the special meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 4, 2014 @ 3:00 p.m.



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